Mechanocontrol partners meet in Saarbrücken

Yesterday Mechanocontrol partners met to discuss their first results on breast Mechanobiology under the auspices of the project. The meeting was held in Saarbrücken, coinciding with the Cell Physics 2017 conference, organized and financed by the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1027, in which Prof. Dr. Aránzazu del Campo, member of the consortium, has been involved.

During the meeting, all the partners had their chance to present their incipient results to the rest of the members of the consortium. Also the general guidelines of the project were discussed and reviewed during the meeting.

In view of the occasion, several members of the consortium –  Prof. Marino Arroyo from UPC, the Project Coordinator and Group Leader at IBEC Pere Roca-Cusachs, Prof. Xavier Trepat from IBEC and Prof. Sergi Garcia-Manyes from King’s College – will be contributing to the Cell Physics conference with a talk, given the happy coincidence of both events.

For more information about the conference see the conference webpage.