Mind the Byte (MTB)

Short name: MTB
Full name: Mind the Byte, SL
Address: Baldiri Reixac, 4-8 08028 Barcelona (Spain)

Principal investigator/contact: Dr. Alfons Nonell-Canals

Mind the Byte is a five-years-old Spanish SME specializing in Computational Chemistry applied to Drug Discovery. It applies different computational techniques in order to help companies and researchers in their first steps of pharmaceuticals and drugs developing. It is a dual company, since it offers both custom services and software as a service a service (SaaS) in the field of computational chemistry. It is a very innovative SME, which is also involved in European R&D projects within the FP7 and H2020 programmes. Its research lines are focused on own-development algorithms and also on drug discovery (including small and macromolecules).

CEO, Nonell-Canals, Alfons  is a Computational Chemist. He holds a PhD in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry from the Rovira i Virgili University (2008). During his post-doc thesis, he worked in computational drug design, developing new software to modify compounds; and in manipulation of big amounts of chemical and medical data. On 2011, he founded Mind the Byte and now he is boths CEO and supervisor of all scientific activities.

Sanchez-Martinez, Melchor is a Computational Chemist. He holds a PhD in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Barcelona (2014). Furthermore, he holds a BSc in Biotechnology from University of Vic (2009), a MSc in Biophysics from University of Barcelona (2010) and a MSc in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry from Rovira i Virgili University (2011). He is Computational Chemist at Mind the Byte since November 2014. He has experience in molecular modelling, physic-chemistry and medical chemistry at computational level, computational biochemistry and biophysics, drug discovery and bioinformatics (especially structural bioinformatics). He has also a great experience in programing and managing data bases of non-correlated data.