Noviocell BV (NCELL)

Short name: NCELL
Full name: Noviocell BV
Address: Reinier Postlaan 2, 6525 GC Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Principal investigator/contact: Juliette van den Dolder

Noviocell BV is an early stage medical technology company, established in Nijmegen in 2015, that focuses on the development of the first ever synthetic solution for 3D cell culturing, opening up entirely new avenues in a range of applications, ranging from 3D cell culture to regenerative medicine. Noviocell will build upon its proprietary polyisocyanopeptide (PIC) hydrogels and develop them into easy-to-use solutions for biomedical researchers, biotech and pharma industry and clinicians. Noviocell BV will commercialise its proprietary disruptive technology, the PIC hydrogel, incorporated in different products. These products have the potential to:

• Revolutionise the field of stem cell biology research by providing the first synthetic, reversible thermosensitive hydrogel for 3D stem cell culturing that can be modified to meet the needs of every cell type and of every researcher (products for research purposes)

• Accelerate large-scale translational research and provide high-throughput assays for industrial use (products for pre-clinical validation)

• Accelerate personalised medicine by establishing disease-specific 3D cell culture models for drug screening and treatment stratification (products for drug screening)

• Transform the arena of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine by providing the first hydrogel produced according to GMP standards that can be used for a range of tissues and cell types (products for clinical use)

Team Leader, Dr. Juliette van den Dolder has gained large experience in Life Sciences business and academic research. She has worked at Life Science biotech companies as Product Manager, Manager Marketing & Sales and Member of a company Management Team. She has gained particular expertise in cell biology / stem cell research markets. Furthermore, she has worked as an academic stem cell researcher at different universities. She received her PhD in Medical Sciences and her STW-VENI award in 2003, both with as title Engineered Bone. She has worked with international authorities on stem cell/ biomaterial research. She has published more than 30 papers in international scientific journals like PNAS and Tissue Engineering.

She will manage the project and will work on establishing the marketing plan (WP1/4).